An ideal partner for customers looking for high quality standards in services and technology is that, whoever optimizes time and costs. The strength of the company lies in the desire to be alongside the customer, providing customized solutions through the analysis of the customer’s real needs. Process transparency, cost control and scheduling are just a few elements that enables the creation of an efficient transport network in the land, sea and air sectors. The range of services we offer are only a reflection of many years of experience in international forwarding and transportation arena ; matured, developed and evolved to deal with different types of shipments in an immediate way by integrating supply of logistics services to support handling and distribution of goods.

Ware Housing & Storage

Storage, designed as per the needs of the enterprises and compatible with the requirements of the customers and the sectoral standards; organisation of these areas on behalf of the customer by Logeast SRL. Our aim is eliminating inefficient operations due to seasonal fluctuations or mis-modeling in the storage process that our customers face at high cost in investment and management; also trying to create flexible systems that allow capacity increases. Managing the outsourced warehouse is a strategic and organizational choice. By entrusting us with the outsourced management of your warehouse you can: Store goods in proximity or within the distribution channel, obtaining the advantages both in terms of economic efficiency and distribution and planning efficiency; You will have ample space available to receive goods of any kind and any quantity; You will get the opportunity to take advantage of additional services related to the storage of goods.

Storage and Parking Service

We have a secure storage and parking area in Trieste, which is completely closed, monitored 24/7 by cameras and compatible with the needs of our customers.

Pre/On Carriage & National Transportation

Pickup and distribution to our bonded warehouse and duty-free warehouse from all regions of Europe. Integration of transport or door-to-door delivery Local transportation solutions in Italy and Turkey via Turkey Main Branch Mersin and Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir Branches by contractual reputable local carriers.

Customs Brokerage

Carry out customs clearance services of exports and imports to and from non-EU countries; identifying the best procedure to follow and finding the required documentation for customs clearance are the processes that make difference in terms of time. Our company approach is following the customs closely during this sensitive phase to avoid possible defects and defaults. For the special needs of our customers we have agreements with major trade agencies in Italy and abroad, which places us among highly specialized companies within this segment of logistics.

Customs Clearance

Customs processes in accordance with Italian laws and regulations

Collateralized Customs Transportation Service

Transferring customs products to export ports, exit ports and non-nationalized imported goods from the port of destination to bonded areas within the scope of the transfer regime.