Being alongside the customer is our must and that is why we have prepared a series of additional services related to port operations. A specialized team of daily operations is present at ports  and railway terminals both in Italy and abroad, performing series of operations aimed at speeding up the ongoing process. We have distinguished ourselves and are specialized at port services , which enables us to combine different types of transport modes; giving  the client the flexibility of loading and unloading of goods  on long journeys     at any point of the travel within the Intermodal Transport Unit.  This also means lower risk of damage for the goods, lower  transport times and lower freight costs. 

Towing and Trucking Services

We provide road tractors for towing your semi-trailers; national and international pickups and deliveries. This service has been preferred by both Italian and foreign customers, as it allows splitting the route using different platforms and making the best of intermodal transport. We have Tow Service for partial loads from conventional goods to exceptional loads both in Italy and abroad. Leave us your data or request using our contacts and you will be contacted shortly.

Documental Management & Paper

Management of Pre / Post shipping documentation: The service finds its own dimension in the documentation management both during the shipping and post phases. Providing and retrieving appropriate documentation ,with respect to the legal obligations and deadline of the client, is essential.
Customs Deposit, Fiscal and VAT: If your need is to store the goods we provide Customs, Tax and VAT Deposits; the use of these tools for the client means : Overcoming the negative cash flow, caused by the immediate payment of customs duties, VAT and Excise taxes if foreseen. The collection of customs duties is deferred for release for free circulation in EU territory.The suspensive economic regime.

Representative Office Services

The representative agency segment was created to offer brokerage service to third parties for sale of their goods and services . By innovating and tuning the representation service, Logeast has brought its own style which raised the quality level of traditional representative agencies. The traditional way has been transformed to integrate with the new reality of foreign markets, all for more streamline, functional and economic flow.

Lashing and Fixation Services

If the route is long and tortuous; associated with special transport, lashing service may be applicable to standard loads as well as complex loads per customer need. We’re at your service with different types of lashing with our highly specialized team for various kinds of loading and transport.

Cargo Consolidation and Transshipments

Through the consolidation service you can reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your partial loads, avoiding damage, costs, high risks and long delays in the processes involved in your shipments
Where intermodal transport represents daily life, the transshipment of goods, if required or for practical needs, is on the agenda with the aid of cranes, stackers and forklift as well as suitable personnel . We are able to perform transshipments to and from different logistic platforms

Ticketing Services & Transit Formalities

At the transit and at import/export loading and unloading; buraucracy and paperwork formalities have been quickly and efficently followed up and finalized at port. Import and Export Customs clearance, RoRo ticketing , entry and discharge, T1 Services, Transit document tracking, Insurance, Settlement of payments in this regard.